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Inhambane District

Lindela Junction
This junction village is where the road to Inhambane town splits off the EN1. When traveling from Maputo, the EN1 will continue to Maxixe slightly toward the left, and the road on the right leads to Inhambane town The junction is highly recognizable with a large sign indicating the road to Maxixe and Vilanculo and the right hand road to Inhambane town.

Inhambane Town
Inhambane town, the Provincial capital, carries the same name as the province. It is a quite waterfront town, with wide tree-filled avenues. The town reflects the old colonial-style architecture with a mixture of Arabic, Indian and African influences. According to the Lonely Planet, "Inhambane is one of Mozambique's most charming towns and well worth a visit."

With its status as the Provincial capital, the Governor's Residence, is among the numerous government buildings, as well as its academic institution of the University of Tourism, add to the town's appeal.

Inhambane town has numerous sights to see, and they are all within walking distance. The best way to see Inhambane is to take a stroll. The Cathedral of Nossa Senhora De Conceição, dates back to the late 18th century, is one of the main landmarks. It rises up behind the newer cathedra, just north of the jetty. North of here reached by following the waterfront road is the small old mosque. The new mosque is several blocks further east. Don't miss strolling along the waterfront at sunset, and enjoy the breeze and scene of fishermen drawing in their nets to return to shore.

The Bay of Inhambane, the waterfront of the town, is probably the most frequented area for the local people. From the jetty, a ferry service routinely provides transport to Maxixe, the closest, as well as largest commercial town. Numerous yellow and green, Tok Tok (3-wheelers) vehicles await customers, vendors are selling drinks or seasonal fruits and vegetables. In the evenings, the waterfront becomes the local "Lover's Lane", where young couples can be seen holding hands, while sitting on the bench looking over the Bay.

The Central Market is an abundance of seasonal produce, fish, canned goods, beans, nuts and local spices. There are numerous stalls that sell the traditional capalana (sarong type wrap around) which are beautifully worn by the local ladies. A number of eating establishments (barangas) can be found in the Central Market where the local people enjoy "today's special", usually a hefty dish of chicken, fish or beef served with rice.

Inhambane, aside from its serenity, and quite atmosphere the town is the gateway to Tofo, Tofinho and Barra beaches. It is frequented by tourists who are in town to stock up on supplies.

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