Inhambane's Shops


Central Market

The Central Market has an abundance of seasonal produce, fish, nuts and local spices. There are numerous stalls that sell hand crafted products and the traditional capulanas, which are beautifully worm by the local ladies.


Culture House Gallery

The Inhambane Provincial Culture House has an art gallery, where you can buy different items made by hand, produced by local artisans. In the same space there is a workshop where you can appreciate the production of some handmade products.

Tofo Handicraft Market

In Tofo Beach there is an open market where you can find extensive range of crafts, including sculptures, paintings, jewelry, clothing and capulana fabrics. You can register your name in a mascot made on site.



The WangRong supermarket is located in the center of Inhambane City in the OUA Street, after the Cine Teatro Tofo, in deviation with access to the Inhambane City Council. Here you can buy different products, such as food, hygienic, among others ...


The AGM supermarket is located in the Josina Machel quarter, in the petrol stations along the road leading to the Tofo beach. In same place you can find Tofo BCI (bank) agency.


Africa Tropical Gallery

In AFRICA TROPICAL Guest House, between Inhambane City Council and Radio Moçambique buildings, there is a gallery where can be purchased various handicraft products made by Inhambane City artisans, mainly the basis of recycled and reused material.


Buena Vista Cafe Handicraft Place

In Hotel Inhambane building opposite to the Buena Vista Cafe, there is an open place where-daily exposes handicraft, especially wood carvings and paintings.


Yum Yum Supermarket

Along the road on way to Tofo beach, after Salela Secondary School and Sicutituno market in Machavenga quarter, you find Yum Yum supermarket, in the right of the road.

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