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Inharrime District

Geographic Location
The district of Inharrime is situated on the southern Inhambane province, Mozambique. Its seat is the village of Inharrime. The district has geographical boundaries with the northern districts of Jangamo, HomoÍne and Panda, east to the Indian Ocean and South and West with the Zavala district.

Area and Population
Inharrime district has an area of 2149 square kilometers and a population of 97.471, according to preliminary results of the 2007 Census, resulting in a population density of 45.4 inhabitants / km².

Sources of Income
Agriculture is the dominant activity and involves the majority of local households. The main food crops of the family sector are maize, cassava, peanuts and beans. The most important livestock in the district, for the consumption of households are chickens, ducks, goats and pigs, the latter are also marketed.

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