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Inhassoro District

Geographic Location
The Inhassoro is situated in the northern part of Inhambane province, Mozambique. It has geographical boundaries with the northern district of Govuro, east to the Indian Ocean, south to the districts of Vilanculos, Massinga and Funhalouro and west to the District of Mabote.

Area and Population
The Inhassoro has an area of 4746 square kilometers and a population of 48.537, according to preliminary results of the 2007 Census, resulting in a population density of 10.2 inhabitants / km².

Sources of Income
Agriculture is the dominant activity and involves the majority of local households. The main food crops of the family sector are maize, cassava, peanuts and beans. The most important livestock in the district, for the consumption of households and marketing are chickens, goats and ducks. The ox is used for animal traction.

Inhassoro Town
Inhassoro is an exceptional tourism destination, as well as being thegateway for Bazaruto Island of the Barazuto Archipelago. Making it closer to the largest island than Vilankulo. Approximately 96 kilometers north of Vilankulo, Inhassoro is 15km east of the main road (EN1). The last of the 'main' coastal towns before the EN1 turns inland, is an extremely popular destination for South African anglers. Its sunbaked, white-sand shoreline is uncluttered and inviting. Boat transfers to Bazaruto and Santa Caroline islands, both which can be viewed from off-shore, can be arranged at any of the hotels, often on-the-spot, but it is always better to give advance notice.

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