Maxixe's Sightseen

Mónguê Beach

Mónguê Beach is a beautfull beach located in Maxixe bay making separation between the bay and Nhanombe river. It offer good conditions to marine and adveture activities in the bay and in the river. The beach make the separations too between maxixe and morrumbene distrit. To arrive their is possible by car from Maxixe. From Mongue you can take only 20 minutos by boat to visite Linga Linga beach.

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Rio de Janeiro Beach

Rio de Janeiro Beach is located in Chicuque beach along the Maxixe Bay. In the beach there isn't any infrastruture as hotel, resaturant, but there are good conditions to people stay to relex in the summer time. During the weekends people from maxixe and other places go their to pass their free time, with friends and family.

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Maxixe Bay

Maxixe Bay is parte of Inhambane bay. In the bay you can pritice the marine activities, as swimming, dhows trips. The costal environment is very nice to relax witk friends and family and to make picknicks. In the Maxixe bridge you can find dhows to

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